Camarillo, CA,

The ODU MINI-SNAP® is an advanced circular connector solution with Push-Pull locking and robust metal housing ideal for a wide range of applications. Once mated, the ODU MINI-SNAP® locks itself into the receptacle, so whether you are transferring power, signal or data the ODU MINI-SNAP® Push-Pull principle reliability ensures that the connection is never released until desired.

The requirements for the sealing of electrical transmission interfaces are rapidly growing. Once only requiring the blockage of general dust and water tightness in industrial applications as well as high-pressure tightness underwater to now requiring an almost airtight seal – hermetic sealing.

The IEC 60068 distinguishes between three quality levels of hermetic sealing: fine, high and ultra-high vacuums. Hermetically sealed  (tested helium leakage rate < 1 × 10-9 mbar/s) , the new ODU MINI-SNAP® receptacles not only meet the demanding requirements of the UHV- suitable interfaces but also comply with high-performance data transfer. Additional product features include: 5,000 mating cycles, up to 500 autoclaving cycles, rear panel installation, temperature range from –20° C to +120° C.

The new ODU MINI-SNAP® receptacles offer a solution for various industrial, test and measurement and medical applications including, but not limited to semiconductor production equipment, vacuum sensors, and high-end endoscopes.