ODU MINI-SNAP® is a highly reliable metal circular connector with pin and groove keying and Push-Pull locking. This IP50 and IP68 connector is available in 6 sizes and with 3 termination types and it is ideal for medical applications, industrial and test & measurement, military and automotive applications. The ODU MINI-SNAP® enables power, signal and data transmission and it is available in a wide range of configurations and multiple keying. Hybrid connector and hermetically sealed connector options available. Cable assembly integrated solutions including silicone overmold. Buy ODU MINI-SNAP® online here.

Pin and groove keying


  • 6 sizes & 3 termination types
  • Wide range of contact inserts
  • IP50 and IP68
  • 5,000 mating cycles
  • Available in L, K and B series
  • 2-40 contacts/mixed inserts
  • Customizable with a multitude of plugs and receptacles
  • Contacts for solder, crimp and PCB termination
  • Circular Connector ideal for: medical, industrial, test & measurement, military, security & communications, automotive, and energy applications




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