ODU hermetically sealed connectors

With the innovative, hermetic receptacles of the ODU MINI-SNAP® L Series, ODU is setting new standards for electrical interfaces in applications. Thanks to glass potting technology, the hermetic receptacles not only meet the high demands made of UHV-compatible interfaces (tested at a helium leakage rate <10-9 mbar l/s), but are also able to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature (operating temperature of -20°C to 120°C) and are autoclavable (500 cycles, according to DIN EN 13060:2015). These new receptacles meet another key requirement for our customers too, in the form of high-speed data transmission.

Therefore, the hermetic receptacles of the ODU MINI-SNAP® L Series really come into their own when used in industrial electronics, medical technology, and digital measurement and testing technology.

Hermetically sealed receptacles


  • Data transmission - USB® 2.01, HDMI®1, Ethernet
  • > 500 Autoclaving cycles2
  • Glass potting - tested helium leakage rate < 10−9 mbar l/s
  • Plug compatible with ODU MINI-SNAP® L Series
  • 5,000 Mating cycles
  • Temperature range: –20° C to +120° C
  • Socket or pin version available
  • Cable assembly included
  • 3 Housing sizes available
  • 5–16 Position options


1These ODU specific connectors can transmit common data transmission protocols such as USB® 2.0, HDMI®, but they are not USB®- or HDMI®- standard connectors.

2Acc. to DIN EN 13060 : 2015