Product Features

  • Easy one handed operation
  • Up to 70 signal contacts and power, coax, air, fluid, data rates
  • > 5,000 mating cycles
  • IP67
  • Push-Pull design for secure connections and space savings
  • Minimal installation effort ensured by mounting clamps
  • Up to 6 mechanical coding options
  • M 25 cable outlet
  • Cable assembly integrated solutions


push-lock-diagrams.jpg push-lock-diagrams3.jpg push-lock-diagrams2.jpg push-lock-diagrams4.jpg

1These ODU specific connectors can transmit common data transmission protocols such as USB® 2.0, USB® 3.1 Gen1, FireWire® and Ethernet, but they are not USB®-, FireWire®- and Ethernet- standard connectors.


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