Product Features

  • Electrical contact with lamella technology
  • > 10,000 mating cycles
  • Temperature up to 150° C
  • Low contact resistance
  • Cost efficient
  • Security with reliability
  • 360° contact area
  • Self-cleaning contacts
  • Electrical contacts ideal for medical, industrial, test & measurement, and automotive applications
  • Low mating and demating forces
  • Available in 1.02 mm (size 20) contact sizes and larger


Angular connectors

A complex 90° connector including the ODU LAMTAC® technology is used for stackable module current supply in lasers.

ODU LAMTAC® on the test bench

The reliable transmission of high performance under climate changing conditions demands high requirements to the contact...

ODU LAMTAC® mounted with an external thread on the busbar

The ODU LAMTAC® socket with an external thread is suitable for simple mounting on the busbar.

High current-carrying capacity combined with high temperature resistance

For this application-specific solution, the time-tested contact technology of the ODU LAMTAC® series has been combined...