In addition to high quality connections, ODU also offers a comprehensive assembly service. From connector, cable and cable extrusion to watertight potting – we supply your complete system from one source.

Our advanced customer services include: application consultation, requirement analysis, rapid prototyping & product development and technical documentation.

  • One contact partner for the complete system
  • Assembly with heat shrink parts
  • Solder and crimp technology with accompanying check
  • 100% final inspection
  • Extrusion in vacuum procedure
  • EMC-compatible assembly
  • Production possible in accordance with UL (File: E333666)
  • Freely assembled connectors
  • Extruded assembly
  • Combined solutions
  • Production possible in cleanroom in accordance with EN ISO 14644-1
  • Extrusion in high pressure-temperature procedure
  • Customer-specific labelling


Inhalation Device

ODU developed an application-specific system solution in hermaphrodite form for an inhalation device that is used...

LED street lighting

This innovative street lamp with LED technology uses the ODU MINI-SNAP® series F. ODU supplies the entire system...

System solution for innovative LED pool lighting

The newest generation of pool lighting uses LEDs which enable lively and rich colours without the need for extra lenses...

Wire audio conference system

This audio conference system was specially developed for the requirements of referees.