Electrical Surfboard Hydrofoil

The Hydrofoil electric surfboard from MHL Custom/Lift Foils requires a connection that is highly current-carrying. At a top speed of up to 40 km/h, it must also be vibration- and shock-resistant. Furthermore a corrosion-resistant connector is required which prevent the ingress of water.

With a current carrying capacity of up to 2,400 A the ODU LAMTAC® is the perfect solution. The lamella slats result in a large number of contact points that create a reliable connection. The customized solution of the ODU LAMTAC® is applied between the speed controller, the motor and the battery. This allows the controller to be operated.

ODU MINI-SNAP® Series K is used for secure transmission of sensitive data between the battery and the control unit. In this application, it is characterized by high reliability, a robust metal housing and a high level of sealing.