ODU has a variety of charging solutions to fit your application. ODU charging solutions utilize the ODU TURNTAC® contact system which allows for 10,000 mating cycles and can be misaligned up to 5 degrees making it ideal for charging handles. From SAE adapters to GB/T inlets, and custom charging handles, ODU is able to meet your charging needs.


IEC charging connector ODU TURNTAC®

Robust contact technology for efficient charging operations. This ODU TURNTAC® design has been specifically developed for charging technology applications. The turned contacts therefore ensure a high level of flexibility and low wear at over 10,000 charge cycles.

Contacts can be sold separately for your custom specific applications including, but not limited to: charging kits, charging handles, cable assemblies, inlets and trailer electronics.

Working voltage

240 V DC

750 / 1,000 V DC

Current rating

80 A

250 A at 50° C

IP class

Sealing upon request

Sealing upon request

Temperature range

–30° C to 50° C

–30° C to 50° C

Mating cycles