75 years of competence in connector technology

For more than 75 years now, ODU has been developing electrical connectors, tiny gadgets which have become huge parts of our daily lives. Without connectors, our smartphones and refrigerators wouldn’t work, cars wouldn’t start, planes wouldn’t take off and life-support machines wouldn’t even start pumping. One look at these application examples makes it crystal clear: More than anything else, connector technology must be reliable.

Our continuous in-house development is the basis for the consistent high quality and reliability of our technology. Not to mention the expertise of our employees, oriented to the growing challenges of our customers and their applications.

Our approach is service- and solution-oriented. This is why our German headquarters in Bavaria house a high-performance electroplating plant for surface finishing of single contacts and housings. With their special geometry and carefully selected base materials, our contacts enable hundreds of thousands of mating cycles. According to some of our customers, ODU connectors continue to work, remaining stable in their physical and electrical contact features, for over one million mating cycles.

This is a unique selling point of ODU technology, along with its high contact density in a variety of different connectors. The requirement here is to maximize the functionality of the surface area.

ODU is also one of today’s technology leaders when it comes to high-frequency and data transmission. Our products set the standards, particularly when it comes to data transmission under harsh environmental conditions, such as in railway, military and security technologies.

When it comes to reliable electrical connector technology that’s able to handle various types of stress while delivering top performance—we’re the partner you can turn to.

We consistently turn this philosophy into reality through our product strategy:

>> High-quality series products and application-specific solutions