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Heavy Duty Connectors

Connectors for harsh environments

ODU Robuste Steckverbinder mit BajonettverriegelungODU Robuste SteckverbinderODU Robuste Steckverbinder KabelteilODU Robuste Steckverbinder Geräteteil mit SchnappdeckelODU Robuste Steckverbinder mit SchraubverriegelungODU Robuste SteckverbinderODU Robuste SteckverbinderODU Robuste Steckverbinder
ODU Robuste Steckverbinder mit Bajonettverriegelung
ODU Robuste Steckverbinder
ODU Robuste Steckverbinder Kabelteil
ODU Robuste Steckverbinder Geräteteil mit Schnappdeckel
ODU Robuste Steckverbinder mit Schraubverriegelung
ODU Robuste Steckverbinder
ODU Robuste Steckverbinder
ODU Robuste Steckverbinder





  •  Rugged external housing and high mating cycle contacts for long service life
  • Up to 1,500 A
  • Housing available with screw or bayonet locking
  • High vibration resistance
  • Selection of more than 100 standard inserts
  • High contact density – up to 90 positions
  • Springwire contacts for low insertion force and high mating cycles
  • Contacts with screw, solder or crimp terminations

ODU Heavy Duty connectors have been designed for the harshest conditions where rain, wind, snow, dirt and sea air are commonplace. The proven ODU SPRINGTAC® contacts with Springwire technology ensure a secure connection for transferring signal, high power and high current even in high vibration applications such as port cranes, aerospace testing and smelting furnaces.

Container cranes

Container cranes

Heavy plug connectors by ODU provide the power supply to container cranes. Harbour cranes for containers all over the world are equipped with heavy plug connectors by ODU.



Heavy ODU round plug connectors type 310 ensure the electrical connection between these tram cars in Copenhagen.

Motor grab

Motor grab

The electronic connection between the crane and the electrically powered motor grab is provided by heavy plug connectors by ODU.



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