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ODU qualitiy management

Company-wide quality management

ODU pursues a rigorous quality strategy that focuses on all stages of the development and production of products throughout all company divisions. Our benchmark for quality products goes far beyond the demand for a flawless connection. The delivery of each part must serve to build a lasting relationship with each customer.  Relationships should last the life of the company, not just the life of the product.

To accomplish this we attach great importance to inspecting and optimizing products as well as improving processes and continuing to educate our personnel. We see ourselves as a learning company. All organizational units improve their process flows continually, based on measurable metrics. This includes planning and implementing a process of optimization as well as an effective efficiency review that measures the results in the framework of a continual improvement process (CIP). Routine workplace, system and product audits document the consistently high quality level that ODU demands from its global production network.

Suppliers to ODU are also integrated into the quality management chain. They are carefully selected and contribute their special competencies to our development process.

Within our company, open and constructive communication and a level of managerial autonomy increase the quality awareness of the employees while fostering their capacity for innovation.



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