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ODU – The success story at a glance:

2015 Foundation of the ODU Japan subsidiary
2014 Foundation of the ODU Denmark and ODU Italia subsidiaries
2013 Extension of the ODU Romania work to a hall with 1056 m² production area
2012 Founding of the Product Development Center (PDC) in Shanghai, China
2011 The new ODU AMC circular connector system hits the market
ODU generates sales of over 100 million Euros.
2010 Development of high current connectors for Electromobility
2006 Founding of the ODU Romania subsidiary
2005 Founding of ODU Automotive, Inc.
2004 Founding of the ODU Automotive GmbH subsidiary
1999, 2001 Founding of the ODU Shanghai Trading and ODU Shanghai Manufacturing subsidiaries
1996 Founding of the ODU France subsidiary
1990 Start of the ODU MINI-SNAP circular connector series
1987 Founding of the ODU UK subsidiary
1986 Launch of the ODU-MAC modular rectangular connector system
1985 Founding of the ODU USA subsidiary
1975 Founding of ODU Steckverbindungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG as a marketing and sales company
1955 Otto Dunkel GmbH receives the patent for the production of "Federnde Steckerstifts“ – today known as the "ODU SPRINGTAC® contact with springwire technology"
1947 ODU moves to Mühldorf am Inn, Germany
1942 Founding in Berlin by Otto Dunkel


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